Electric and Hybrid Chevrolet Vehicles – Earth Day Special

hybrid.evHello, efficiency

Chevrolet offers a variety of electric and hybrid vehicles that put gas stations in your rear view. The all-electric 2017 Bolt EV takes electric vehicles to a whole new level with impressive range. The 2017 Volt offers the best of both worlds with an electric charge that seamlessly switches to a gasoline-powered generator when your charge runs out. And the new 2017 Malibu Hybrid offers efficiency that you never expected.


All electric. All efficient.

The 2017 Bolt EV is an all-electric vehicle offering an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range per charge for an affordable price. Want to know how much energy you’ve used? There’s a 10.2-inch diagonal center display screen that conveniently shows information such as your battery level.


The electric car redefined

Volt is powered by two electric motors that work in unison to offer up to 53 pure electric miles on a single charge and a range of up to 420 miles with a full charge and a full tank of gas. By charging regularly, Chevrolet expects owners to drive 1,000 miles between fill-ups.

malibu hybrid

Head-turning style with exceptional efficiency

Malibu Hybrid can help you get the most out of every gallon by offering an EPA-estimated 49 MPG city. The innovative Driver Efficiency Gauge gives you feedback on how your driving habits affect your fuel economy.

source: http://www.chevrolet.com/electric-hybrid-vehicles


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Bob Bell Chevrolet’s Presidents Day Sale

Presidents_SaleDon’t miss out on the Bob Bell Chevrolet’s Presidents Day Sale!

Get $1,000 Cash Allowance on 2014/2015 Eligible Volt, Cruze, Impala and Camaro Vehicles in Stock the Longest.

If you are a current GM Owner, you are eligible for deals on the following eligible vehicles in stock:

  • 2014 CRUZE LTZ – $3,500 Total Cash Allowance
  • 2014 Impala – $2,750 Total Cash Allowance
  • 2015 Camaro – $2,250 Total Cash Allowance
  • 2014 SS – $2,500 Total Cash Allowance
  • 2015 Volt – $2,000 Total Cash Allowance
  • 2015 Spark – $1,000 Total Cash Allowance

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Chevy Volt Mileage Better than Expected

According to Consumer Reports web users, many Chevy Volt owners are claiming they use even less gas than Consumer Reports’ formal tests have assumed.

Consumer Reports has based their fuel economy calculations for the Volt being operated by electricity 70 percent of the time and gasoline 30 percent of the time. However, as they have learned from owners in their forums, some drivers are saving even more fuel by operating almost exclusively on electricity.

Here are a few quotes from Volt drivers bragging on the forums:

  • User carriegordo reports driving 7,000 miles on just 7.3 gallons of gas. That’s less than a single tankful in the Volt’s already small 9.3-gallon tank.
  • User marclee reported that 2800 of the 3200 miles he’s driven his Volt have been on electricity. That leaves just 400 on gas. (These numbers are easily retrieved from the efficiency screen on the Volt’s central display.)
  • User themajor1975 reported driving 11,000 miles on 62 gallons of gas.
  • Two other forum users reported driving more than 2500 miles on 10.7 gallons of gas, and 500 miles on just one gallon.

Want to hear it from a Volt owner yourself? Check out this customer testimonial from Kory Levoy. He’s driven 3,400 miles & spent $38 in gas – in two months!

While we can’t say with certainty that this is the case with all Volt owners, it does prove that the Volt has a tremendous amount of potential when it comes to saving on fuel.  Stop by Bob Bell Chevrolet of Bel Air, we have the Volt on the lot, we’ll give you something to brag about!

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Chevrolet Quality

In a recent survey I read online (conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of CarMax) it stated that “Forty-five percent of Americans who have purchased a vehicle say that quality has the greatest impact on their car buying decision, followed by price and safety, in that order.” Here at Bob Bell Chevrolet we completely agree.

As one of the largest-selling brands in the industry, Chevrolet’s early adoption of landmark technologies fundamentally changed the way people view the brand. Recently the Chevrolet Volt was voted ‘Car of the Year’ by both Motor Trend and Automobile. ‘Given the level of technology packed into the Volt — and, frankly, the quality of the car carrying it all — the price is fair’ says from Autopia.

Quality and Chevrolet go hand in hand, it always has, yesterday, today and tomorrow too!

So, if quality is as important to you as it is to us then stop by Bob Bell Chevrolet of Bel Air and take a Chevrolet out for a test drive today!

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Happy Birthday Chevrolet

On November 3, 1911 Louis Chevrolet co-founded the Chevrolet Motor Car Company with William Durant… it was the start of a beautiful thing. Their partnership didn’t last for very long, it broke up in 1915, but Louis’ spirit lived on in the vehicles built under the Chevrolet name.

There are a lot of stories that can be told from the past 100 years, stories that take us around the world. Chevrolet has been busy building quality cars people everywhere want to drive, they’ve grown and changed with the times, maturing in a way that makes sense today.  In late 2010 General Motors began a small production of the plug-in electric Volt, which later was announced as the 2012 North American Car of the Year and World Green Car of the Year.

Now who wouldn’t want to be a part of a company that strives to make the world a better place? Here at Bob Bell Chevrolet, we’re proud, so very proud of the vehicles we sell.

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