The Chevrolet Navigation System Option

If there is anything we have an abundance of today it’s options, especially when it comes to buying a new Chevy. One option we want to discuss today is the Navigation System… should you opt in for the factory navigation system built into the vehicle’s center dash or should you hold out and put your own in after?

There are pro’s and con’s to both options, but at Bob Bell Chevrolet of Bel Air we recommend going with the one offered with your new Chevy car or truck. Here are our reason’s why:

  1. Warranty. Since the factory navigation system is part of your vehicle, it’s covered by the bumper-to-bumper warranty. If anything goes wrong with the system, you can take it to the Chevrolet dealership for repair as opposed to having to send an aftermarket system back to the manufacturer where you probably won’t get it back again for weeks or they won’t fix it at all.
  2. Looks. You spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you want it to look nice and neat, without things poking out all over the place, stuck here and there. If you buy an aftermarket navigation system, you’ll likely have to attach it to the windshield, then run the power adapter down to the power source. With a factory, built-in navigation system, you won’t have this problem.
  3. Theft. Unless you are willing to take your GPS system off the dash, unplug it and tuck it away somewhere safe every time you get out the car, you’ll have to worry about theft. Thieves will have a much harder time stealing a built-in factory navigation system than a portable unit that’s stuck to the windshield with a suction cup.
  4. Resale Value. Factory navigation systems also improve a car’s resale value. used-car analysts say that visible options on used cars, like navigation systems, tend to hold their value in the used-car market and make a car more desirable to potential buyers.

There you have it… 4 important things to think about when the sales person asks… ‘would you like to opt in on the navigation system.’

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