Seven 2014 ##Chevrolet Models Received 5

Seven 2014 ##Chevrolet Models Received 5-Star Overall Vehicle Scores From NHTSA

Chevrolet puts #safety first, and we have the 5-star scores to prove it. An impressive seven 2014 models have received the highest possible Overall Vehicle Score for Safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration† (NHTSA). That’s more 2014 5-Star Overall Vehicle Scores than any other automotive brand — in fact, it’s more than Ford and Toyota combined.

NHTSA has been testing vehicles for safety since 1978, and in 2011 added an Overall Vehicle Score, as well as revised their testing to be more stringent. The comprehensive NHTSA New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) puts vehicles through frontal, side-impact and side pole crash tests, as well as rollover evaluations. Each model is then given safety ratings from one to five stars.

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